Spare Change

271493_107625736003330_4501113_o In September, 2004 I was in Los Angeles finishing a 2-month printing job. I woke up one morning, and received the sad news of Eddie’s passing. I went into the darkroom and made a small contact print of a portrait I shot of Eddie some year’s earlier. When it was dry, I put it in my wallet and it has stayed there ever since. A few month’s ago, I was contacted by the New Kensigton Camera Club, with a request to reproduce the image on a coin to help raise money to purchase a Pennsylvania Historical Marker in New Kensington, Eddie’s hometown. I said the cost would be one coin. When I receive the coin, I will put it in my wallet with Eddie’s picture. Fortunately, my wallet is usually empty which leaves a lot of room for fond memories of a friend who could be difficult at times, but never boring.


The 100 coins featuring my photograph of Eddie Adams were designed by Don Henderson and minted by Dennis St Joer, a retired Army Sergeant Major that since 1993 has been manufacturing coins for the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. They will be sold during EDDIE ADAMS DAY, a day dedicated to Eddie’s life and times, organized by New Kensington Camera Club.

Eddie Adams Day

EDDIE ADAMS DAY will be celebrated on June 8th, 2013 in New Kensigton, PA. The event that will be marked by an exhibition of 21 photos by Eddie Adams at the Heritage Museum, a screeening of the documentary “An Unlikely Weapon” about his life, followed by a dinner with guest speaker Hal Buell, veteran photo editor for the Associated Press. Alyssa Adams, co-creator of the Eddie Adams Workshop and deputy Photo Editor at TV Guide will also participate of the day’s festivities as the judge of the competition Inspired by Eddie Adams 2013 photo show. All proceeds will be used to purchase the Historical Marker for Eddie in New Kensington, PA. Additional Proceeds will be used towards the Eddie Adams/John Filo Scholarship Fund.. Full information about EDDIE ADAMS DAY at


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