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PENNINGTON, NJ – Photographer Jennifer Cabral received an honorable mention for her work VISUAL CONCEPTIVE at the show Mercer County Photography 2015. Thirty-four photographs were selected for this juried exhibition supported, in part, by Mercer County Culture & Heritage Division, through a grant from the NJ State Council on the Arts/Department of State, a partner agency of the National Endowment for the Arts.

The Silva Gallery hosted the biennial exhibition Mercer County Photography 2015 from September 9th through October 9th, 2015 at the Pennington School

visual conceptive series

VISUAL CONCEPTIVE is a series of 4 photographs representing women’s weekly cycles. “I believe our bodies follow moon cycles – a waning and waxing of emotions and potentiality we carry within ourselves. Like seeds.” This work is only one of the elements that compose CONCEPTIVES – an art project created by photographer Jennifer Cabral as an invitation for women to become aware of their internal phases. While prints of VISUAL CONCEPTIVE was exhibited at Mercer County Photography 2015, three additional elements of  CONCEPTIVES project will be available online where the public can explore digital downloads, voice recordings, and imagery simultaneously.

According to Jennifer, “by connecting with each stage of our female cycles we take away the stigma of inconvenience and discomfort surrounding our menses and incorporate into it an element of empowerment and potentiality. In each week of their cycle women feel different inside their bodies: the changes are hormonal; emotional; mental and physical. As women, we all know this. But we ignore it or suppress it because of societal pressures, conventions, and demands; or influenced by external factors, like artificial hormones consumed through oral contraceptives, which can sometimes inhibit these natural female phases. As women, we have a chance to tap more easily into a part of ourselves each week – one that nourishes intuition, reflection, creativity or receptivity within us. With this artwork, I am attempting to remind us all of that.”

The other elements of CONCEPTIVES art project can be fully access online at

AUDIO CONCEPTIVE explores sensations and impressions the artist experiences during her cycles with recordings of her voice. “I combine adjectives, nouns and verbs to create a lexicon of potentials existent in each of the four phases of a woman’s cycles. Its an evocation for women to become aware of these multiple parts within themselves and integrate them into their monthly, weekly and daily routines.” To listen to this recording now click here or visit

DAILY CONCEPTIVE is used by Jennifer Cabral to share a daily word or image to describe the stage of her cycle she is experiencing. This will be explored simultaneously on Twitter with the hashtag #DAILYCONCEPTIVE and Pinterest. She wishes this to become an interactive element of the project and invites other women to share the phases of their cycles they are experiencing, as well. Click here to see it on Twitter and Pinterest. It can also be accessed from the artist’s website

The last element of this project is called ORAL CONCEPTIVE. A set of images that can be downloaded as wallpaper/ screensaver for digital devices and be used as reminders of the feminie cycle on computers and mobile devices. Its intended to function as reminders of which 7-day-phase a woman is experiencing in her cycle. Each of the four image describes a potentiality to be explored. According to the artist, “As women, we have a chance to tap more easily into a part of ourselves each week with our hormonal cycles – one that nourishes intuition, creativity, receptivity or reflection within ourselves.” To access images go to

The artist would like to add that, “this work is my artistic representation of women’s cycles and is not intended to promote health advice for women. For that, I encourage you to read the work of three inspiring authors I used to guide me through my own process of cycle awareness. They are Christiane Northup, MD; Alisa Vitti and Sara Avant Stover

Jennifer Cabral is an independent photographer based in Princeton, NJ. A member of National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), her work has been featured in newspapers and exhibitions in the US and Brazil, her native country. In Brazil, she graduated from the School of Fine Arts Escola Guignard, with a certificate in Photography. She also holds a BA in Social Communications from Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais. She attended the Photography Continuing Education Program at School of Visual Arts, in NY. And since 2010, she joined the staff of Princeton University where she photographs rare books and manuscripts from the University’s library collection.

For complete information about CONCEPTIVES | Art Project visit the website

Any images included on this project can be used exclusively to promote the artist’s project and art show. Further usage of these images require a written permission from the artist Jennifer Cabral. She can be reached at