CONCEPTIVES | an art project

intuitive ORAL CONCEPTIVE | Art Project by Jennifer Cabral

CONCEPTIVES is an art project created by photographer Jennifer Cabral as an invitation for women to become aware of their internal cycles. According to Jennifer, “by connecting with each stage of our female cycles we take away the stigma of inconvenience and discomfort surrounding our menses and incorporate an element of empowerment and potentiality. In each week of their cycles women feel differently inside their bodies: hormonally; emotionally; mentally and physically. As women, we all know this. But we ignore it, or suppress it because of societal pressures, conventions and demands; or, influenced by external factors, like artificial hormones consumed through oral contraceptives which can inhibit these natural female phases. As women, we have a chance to tap more easily into a part of ourselves each week – one that nourishes intuition, reflection, creativity or receptivity within us. With this artwork, I am attempting to remind us all of that.”

CONCEPTIVES is composed of a four elements: VISUAL, ORAL, AUDIO and DAILY CONCEPTIVE.

VISUAL CONCEPTIVE is a series of 4 photographs representing women’s weekly cycles. “I believe our bodies follow moon cycles – a waning and waxing of emotions and potentiality we carry within ourselves. Like seeds.” This framed piece will be in exhibition at Extra-Sensorial Perception | a Feminist Art Show. Proceeds from this show will support – a non-profit organization in NJ dedicated to assist victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

A Limited Edition Series of these photographs is available for purchase online. From each 4-print series purchase, a $5 donation will be made to Womanspace. VISUAL CONCEPTIVE is on view on the artist’s website –

creative ORAL CONCEPTIVE | Art Project by Jennifer Cabral

ORAL CONCEPTIVE which the images on this page represent, is a set of 4 cards with phrases that correspond to the internal weekly stages a woman experiences: “For seven days, I am more intuitive. | For seven days, I am more creative. | For seven days, I am more receptive. | For seven days, I am more reflective. According to the artist, “these phrases are to be pronounced as wishes, or weekly affirmations.”

They will be presented in birth control holders collected during the last 5 years the artist submitted her body to oral contraceptive consumption. Each of the 50 pouches will be inserted with a set of 4 cards. “By repurposing birth control holders I’ve accumulated over the years, I am taking control over my own cycles and reclaiming each phase my body experiences. At the same time, I hope to raise awareness of what we, as women, might be inhibiting within us when we interfere with our natural cycles by absorbing artificial hormones via oral contraceptive consumption.”

ORAL CONCEPTIVE cards will be distributed during E.S.P. | a Feminist art show.

But the images that compose ORAL CONCEPTIVE can also be downloaded as wallpaper/ screensaver for digital devices and be used as cycle reminders on computers or mobile devices. By clicking on each image on this page, a high resolution preview will be displayed. Just drag the image into your desktop and use it as cycle reminders.

receptive ORAL CONCEPTIVE | Art Project by Jennifer Cabral

AUDIO CONCEPTIVE explores sensations and impressions the artist experiences during her cycles and its recorded in her own voice. “I combine adjectives, nouns and verbs to create a lexicon of potentials existent in each of the four phases of our cycles. Its an evocation for women to integrate these multiple parts within themselves.”  This recording will be launched during the opening of the Feminist Art Show – Extra -Sensory Perception.reflective ORAL CONCEPTIVE | Art Project by Jennifer Cabral

The final element of this art project is DAILY CONCEPTIVE where Jennifer chooses a daily word or iconography to describe the stage of her cycle she is experiencing. This will be explored simultaneously on twitter and Pinterest with the hashtag #DAILYCONCEPTIVE and wishes to become an interactive element of this project by engaging other women to share the stages of their own cycles. During the next year, which corresponds to 13 new moons or 13 cycles in a woman’s life, Jennifer will be sharing words that reflect her internal phases. “By choosing a word I have to maintain a continuous inquisition of where I am in my cycle, and by sharing an image I invite other women to do the same: start a weekly process of self-discovery, no matter where we are on our cycles, and because of social media, no matter where we are in the world.” This dialog is ongoing on twitter and on Pinterest.  Send me an email with subject line #DAILYCONCEPTIVE and receive an exclusive invitation to share your cycle phases on Pinterest. On twitter it can be followed here.

This work is my artistic representation of women’s cycles and is not intended to promote health advice for women. For that I encourage you to read the work of three inspiring authors I used to guide me through my own cycle awareness process. They are Christiane Northup, MD; Alisa Vitti and Sara Avant Stover