Happy New Year

I surround myself with relics. Trinkets that become sacred because of the places it has come from, or of whom has given it to me. I keep it for the beauty it possesses, the laughter it reminds me of, or as a mere attempt to believe in something. These objects don’t take me home. They make my home.

I keep the Madonnas and secretly envy their mantles; Seeds, roots and crystals bewitch my surroundings, as I crave pagan objects to still be forbidden. To this day, I would exchange beads for mirrors, any time. And toys don’t let me take myself (or my profession) too seriously.

But as 2012 is about to start, or as many say, to end it all, we need protection from the four directions. So lets keep images of Saints and its angels for guidance; Use sage to clear our bodies from evil spirits; And even bring offers to a body of water for the goddess Yemanjá, if need be. Let’s come up with rituals. Invent sacred objects. Allow them to invade homes and haunt each corner with its blessings and curses. And believe in all its powers, so it can cary us throughout the year. And to the next. And next.

May the new year, begin.