Columbus Farmer’s Market, NJ

The Columbus Farmer’s Market started in 1929 as an auction space for livestock and farm equipment. But antique vendors were attracted by the large crowds and started renting space to sell their goods. Today, tables, stores and pavilions spread throughout 200 acres, turning into one of the largest outdoor bazaars on the East Coast. Tens of thousands of visitors from Central New Jersey and Philadelphia visit the market each weekend.

But what started as a commerce of Collectibles and Antiques, hand made goods and foods evolved into a haven for China imports and mass produced trinkets. Given the obscure origin of most products it’s not surprising that in 2003, the Columbus Farmer’s market was charged by a group of record companies for not enforcing regulations to prevent tens of thousands of counterfeit CD’s from being openly sold in its grounds.

Observing its crowd was as irresistible as acquiring some of its bargains. 3 Kelbasas, 1 gumball machine, and some .25 cents’ books later here is some of what I’ve captured.